Friday, 30 October 2009

Digital Painting - Lesson 1...

This was my first attempt using a graphics tablet and at first i wasn't too sure about it, mainly because i didn't know what i was doing. But once Phil showed me some different techniques and tools to use, i started to get get used to it. I was just experimenting really, getting used to using the pen and trying out different brushes and sizes. In the end, after restarting my original attempt which was rubbish, i developed a fantasy scene using various colours which resembles a forest with a fire emerging. i wasn't expecting the most brilliant thing ever, but i was really impressed with what can be done using the graphics tablet and i feel it would be a grea investment to buy one, eneabling my to progress and develop my skills further.


  1. Ethan

    Did you have a valid reason for missing todays classes? Did you let Jackie know?

  2. hey, someone mentioned to me that it was cancelled yesterday and i only found out earlier that it wasn't cancelled...

  3. Ethan - sort it out! Did you speak to Jackie or post a query about the classes? Many of your classmates seemed to find the necessary information about the Maya class...