Thursday, 29 October 2009

H.G. Wells - The First Men in the Moon...

When I first got folder one and saw my source material, my instant reaction was WTF! i wasn't too sure what the book was about or the films, but for some reason it didn't seem like a great choice to have. Before I started reading my three excerpts, i decided i would look into the novel and films, so that i had a better idea about what i had to work with. Fortunately, in my BTEC we had done units where we had to work on projects that we usually wouldn't be interested in, so even if i wasn't happy with what i got, i already knew that i would just have to get on with it and make the most of what i got. Besides, Phil must has chosen these novels for a reason. Once i read into the story i was a bit happier with what i could produce. there were several different enviroments and landscapes that could be used and the text from the excerpts was quite descriptive, giving a great insight into how i could create my concepts. i also felt it was a benefit that there wasn't much concept art for my source material, because the films were quite old, compared to the likes of The Lost World and The Never Ending Story. This will give me more freedom of my imagination and means i won't be stuck following certain codes and conventions that have already been used. Overall, i am fairly happy with this project and i am really excited about designing the concept art and learning digital painting skills on the graphics tablets.

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