Thursday, 22 October 2009

Idea Development... The Cyborg Lizard...

I used a few pages to design the rest of the body parts for the cyborg lizard. my idea was that it would be part lizard part robot, almost making it alien like. i started off by looking at the hands and how they would be positioned when wrapped around the buildings. it was important to consider the position of the hands so that i could figure out how i should draw them and which way they should be facing. i then developed a basic look for each hand (robotic and lizard) based on the positioning i had previously looked into. i added some colour to these designs and i was pretty pleased with the end result, so i decided to draw some bigger versions to scan into Photoshop. i then went onto the development of the arms. i started with a muscular structure for the lizard arm and a more metallc structure for the robotic arm. once i was happy with the basic structure of each arm, i formed an outline using a black graphics pen and then used the green and yellow for a lizard texture. i used a normal pencil for the robotic arm to shade it and create a shine. finaly, i went over he outline and made t thicker. i particularly liked the look of the lizard arm because i felt i resembled lizard skin well. the body for the lizard was something i struggled to design as i wasn't too sure how i wanted it to look. the design for the robotic plate was pretty simple, but the lizard part was proving a lot more trouble. i came up with a design in the end, usingusing the same colour pattern, but im still not particularly with the final design. overall, i was fairly happy with the design for my cyborg lizard, and with some good compositing it should provide a great visual aesthetic in Photoshop.

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