Thursday, 22 October 2009

Marvel Research...

When I was looking for a certain style to adhere to, I immediately thought of the comic book style. I’ve always been fascinated by Marvel and DC comics, whether it was the comic books themselves or the TV series and films. I’ve always liked the way they represent the real world, but with the inclusion of unimaginable superheroes and villains. This gave me an insight into the type of style I was going for, as I wanted to create a separate environment in my mind, that wasn’t too dissimilar from the world we live. I feel comic books like Spiderman, Batman and Superman along with the rest of the well known superheroes, always portray a reasonable connection between reality and the comic book universe. Therefore, I wanted to incorporate the comic book style into my self-portrait. Analysing their, style was pretty simple as they all had the same commonalities, Thick black outlines, thinner lines in the middle and bright colours to make the characters stand out. The buildings were just basic block shapes, filled with different tones and shades. I liked the visual aesthetic of these designs because they were basic but clear to see. I also felt that the more important parts of an image had thicker outlines, causing them to stand out more. Using these ideas will be helpful during by character and environment design, as I will have certain conventions to cohere to.

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