Monday, 30 November 2009

Lecture #1... Tableaux Vivants...

So we had our first lecture for unit 3 today and Phil explained the brief. I was glad i did my research before this brief because it helped me to understand everything he was talking about. It was a good insight into the different artists we could research into and i felt there was a lot of diferent varities of work to look at. Phil wants us to focus on ambiguity for this unit to get the best out of our work. He also suggested using Gregory Crewdson's work as a big influence as he is one of modern tableau vivant's major successes. I particularly like his work in Twilight and Beneath the Roses as i feel this is his more eerie peices, but i love the way his characters seem to be in a trance. But, i'll write more about Crewdson when i look into more of his work. Phil also told us that the contradiction in this unit would be that we wouldn't be able to create humans, therefore we would need to focus our attention on a piece of work like Jeff Wall's, Destroyed Room. I'm hoping to look into as many of these artists as possible before wednesday, so expect a fair few posts between now and then. But a very insightive lecture today, and something i've never heard much about before, so everything was new to me.

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