Friday, 19 February 2010

Final Cut Pro Lesson 3...

So we had our third Final Cut Pro lesson on Tuesday and this time we were introduced to a new piece of software, Sound Track Pro, also part of the same Apple package. We started off by looking at the audio effects and transitions in Final Cut Pro, which were very limited. This is where Sound Track Pro came in to the equation, the equivalent of Adobe's Sound Booth. I've never used audio and sound software before, but the interface seemed fairly simple, and there was lots of ways of editing and creating sound or audio. Our task was to take a piece of footage from off the server and to give it a sound track over the top or edit the audio that was already with the clip. I chose some footage of a whale and put together a soundtrack using preset music and sounds available witn the software, It was fairly simple to understand, instead of editing video, essentially we were editing sound. I'm now looking forward to adding in the soundtrack for my own animatic.

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