Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Sweet Shop Development...

I've come away from the ice cream parlour for a while and decided to work on the next shop in my street... i was looking through my reference images again and i found a really stylish design for a sweet shop based on the one from Main Street, Disneyland... After doing basic shapes for each section of the building i have started to add some details around the windows...


  1. Hey Ethan :-)

    I love the fact that you're using this project as an opportunity to max-up on your modelling and Maya proficiency. As we discussed towards the end of your first year, I think, at times, you've self-censored because your confidences with this stuff haven't been particularly high. I genuinely look forward to you making a much bigger impact in your second year - and, put simply, I'd very much like to see you enjoying the experience more.

  2. Hey Ethan, hows the holidays treating yah, this icecream parlour is looking pretty sweet, look forward to seeing the finished product :)

  3. This is looking brilliant Ethan, loads of detail in there. When it's rendered I bet it will look really nice.