Monday, 6 December 2010

Transcription... Giger Inspired Environment/Sets idea...

I quite like this idea of adapting Giger's work, so i took a further look at the brief to see what examples of transcriptions i could put it into. In particular, if i was to go with this idea, i think Giger inspired environment/sets/cities for film would be the best category to put this into. I've looked at some more reference images from his work and environments and architecture are definitely some of his best work. I think building a few sets based on possibly an alien/machine race, could be extremely fascinating and interesting, allowing me to delve into some really creative designs based on Giger's work. Here are some particular interesting and possibly influencial pieces worth considering:

The tectures and monotones in pieces like this would be extremely interesting to bring into Maya and CG models.

This image really reminds me of Metropolis. This image was the one that sparked up ideas of a vast city, which could imply the heads in the buildings are gods, rulers of the city.

The structure of this building reminds me of cathedrals, which i think could be really intricately designed using this idea of bones. Imagine a cathedral based on Giger's work and designs, who wouldn't want to visit that place.

This reminds me of a scene with elders, of high importance, having a meeting.


  1. Hi Ethan

    Because Giger is so visually recognisable you would need to put a spin on his work to make it a valid transcription (What would you design?). Adding a 'game' element or real world hybridisation for example would stop it being a simple modelling exercise.

    Check out this piece of work by my former tutor Meats Meier:

  2. That top one is based off a painting called 'The Isle of the Dead' by Arnold Bocklin. Which reminded me what a fab painting it is! :) One of Hitler's favourites y'know?

  3. GIIIIGERRRRR.....dammit man, you beat me to this idea, it didnt even cross my mind's got potential man :)

  4. Hi Ethan

    The source material's I was mentioning were:

    Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Seans
    The Mask of the Red Death by Edgar Allan Poe
    The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe