Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The City in the Sea Voice Over...

Here's a voiceover i received today after sending out a few emails to voice over artists from http://www.voiceovers.co.uk/, just in case any one else wants a voice over for their transcription. Patrick Luntz, who's done voice over work for radio broadcasts, documentaries and DVD Roms, was quick to respond, and seemed interested in the project; and before i knew it, i received an mp3 file in my inbox.

So here it is


A big thankyou to Patrick Luntz for taking the time to produce this voiceover for me!


  1. Bloody hell! That was an amazing turnaround. I had a listen, and it's good; next, alongside everything else you're pushing forward, get a music track going along with it - something melancholy - use the soundtrack and the poetry itself to inspire you as you work and research. Start mixing something together - I look forward to the results!

  2. I know, i was shocked when i opened up my inbox and the voiceover was just there... I'll definitely get onto the music alongside research for the designs of the city and texturing practice :) I guess it's full steam ahead from now!